Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ryan, Carrie, Lillie and Koltyn

We tried really hard to get these, I think they turned out great...Lillie and Koltyn are so cute!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas #2 for Tatum!

Seems like Tatum has fun, no matter what shes doing, my kind of girl....Jina "the great" thinks she is the cutest thing!

Paul, Jessica and Logan

Im sure you remember "Logan" ! He is the cutest dude, I think he knows when he is supposed to smile.

Hortman Family

This is a lot of personality in one place. If you think your seeing "double" your are. Twins are Lacee & Kourtnee, Kaelee,is the beautiful oldest daughter, Little dude is Levi, and Dylan is the oldest son....Here are my "very" favorites!

Nichols Christmas

I had so much fun taking these shots. Nathan, Ashlee, Nash and NaLee are a beautiful family. Here are some of the ones I want to share...